Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'll Be Feeling a Little Olympic...

Ten days and counting, people. Ten days and I will be living the pre-Olympic dream, attending a full day of Team USA Olympic Swimming Trials.

Revel with me.

From Phelps's Facebook page: Trying out some Harrod's fashions.
This time around, London will add medals to Phelps's wardrobe.

From Lochte's upcoming supermodel career: Sporting a classic Ralph Lauren polo.
Vogue, Ryan. Vogue.

My recent (and related) post is actually bringing lots of lookers to the blog, but you may be surprised to hear that Lochte is lapping Phelps thanks to two keywords: grill and girlfriend.

In related news, nine days from now London will have an Olympic trial run . . . er, will continue it's tradition of making good-looking athletes look better. Prep yourself for the Wimbledon whites. Even Phelps knows to bow to the All England Club.