Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dating Advice: Getting Jimmied

I'm back from my mission, and I'm determined to make a go of the dating game this time around. We're talking, Josie Grossie breaks out of her shell kind of thing, minus the bad hair and total lack of fashion (I hope). Things looked great earlier in the week, until Mr. Supposedly Nice Guy cut off all communication and stopped looking at me. Knife to the heart. My mom's words of wisdom: Tell him no grilled cheese sandwiches unless we're going to move onto a pasta dish. Not originally a metaphor, but I realize it could be.

This episode falls in the category of my new family term, "Getting Jimmied," based on both the jerk-man character from That Thing You Do! and one of sister's recent dating dissers. A Jimmy will act interested and probably even initiate the dating process, but then he'll abruptly cut it off, sometimes with no explanation or, possibly worse, tell you, "I think you're more into this than I am" (even though he started it).

So, stay away from Jimmys and make sure you get a commitment for pasta.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

That's My Kind of Cougar!

Well, I'm back with kind of a random topic, but I don't think anyone's still reading anyway, so this is mostly for me. March is still a month away, but I cannot wait for the madness to begin. Especially since the Final Four will be played out in my favorite Texas city: Houston. Luckily, living in Provo, I don't have to wait for March to enjoy some great basketball. The University of Houston Cougars may not be so hot, but the BYU ones are unstoppable. Read on.