Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sitcom of My Life: Out on a Limb

It's been far too long since I've blogged. And I never gave the full story behind the vague but dizzily happy last post. Believe me, I've attempted to write them, but I can't find the words that are honest without being spiteful yet. Let's just say that was the mid-season finale in Season 1 of my personal sitcom/reality show, "Right as Rain." (The title has no particular relevance, except that I love that Adele song and would choose it as my show's theme song if a) I ever got a show and b) Adele would give permission.)

And let's just skip ahead to right now. Right now I'm feeling very Carol Vessey from Ed when she confessed her feelings to Ed, who'd been in unrequited love with her for years, and he didn't respond. So, in typical Ed fashion, Carol went over to Ed's house one morning and sat in his tree until he came out and saw her there.

Ed to Carol: "What are you doing up there?" (I'm paraphrasing here.)

Carol: "I'm out on a limb."

Ed: "But you're not. You are really close to the trunk. You're not out on a limb."

Carol: "I know. I was, but then I got scared. It's really scary to be out on a limb."

Carol, I couldn't agree more. Up until a few weeks ago, I had NEVER straight up said to a boy that I had feelings for him, unless he had already given me physical evidence that my feelings were in some way reciprocated.

And for some reason, two and a half weeks ago, during the season finale, I thought it would be a good idea to confess my feelings to a man who was introduced in the series premiere of my life sitcom nearly 9 months ago. In an email. While he was on vacation. IN ASIA.

Smooth, Whitney. Real smooth.

Because I didn't just confess my feelings. I also scolded him for not telling me an important detail of his life that affected our friendship and potential romantic relationship. Which, I'm realizing now, was a figment of my imagination and his gentleman-like manner.

Oh well.

But now, the wait since I sent the email was been more interminable than any television hiatus. EVER.

We're talking worse than when Jess and Rory kissed on the bridge before Sookie's wedding.

We're talking worse than when Luke and Lorelai kissed at the opening of the Dragonfly Inn.

It's THAT BAD, guys. (And gals.)

But, I also know that writing works for me. It gets my thoughts out of my head and into the universe. Which is why the email seemed like a good idea at the time.

"Who wants to be right as rain? It's better when something is wrong." At least, that's what my theme song says.